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The Opel Rocket Plane

Opel.pdf  (1,663 kb)

The Jetex 150 Plans
Sheet 1 (402 kb)   Notes   Sheet 2 (394 kb)

2006 Lulu Postal Contest

For The Official Rules Click Here

The Plan

Click on the thumbnail for a FULL size plan
it's a LARGE file (3,883 kb)

For a tiled .pdf file, click your choice below
Lulu_tiled_A4.pdf  or Lulu_tiled_letter.pdf
(1,860kb)                            (2,326kb)

For the article and mod. sheets click the thumbnails below
(right Click and "Save As")


Jim Moseley's Trimming & Towing Recommendations

The Keil Kraft Senator

Senator_A4.pdf (3,422 kb)
Senator_letter.pdf (3,435 kb)
Senatorfp.pdf (363 kb)

for those who are having problems printing
Senator_letter b.pdf  (5,280 kb)

CAD Drawing by John Buskell   senator_dxf.zip (77 kb)


1/16 Parts  0.0625 Parts.tif (54 kb)
1/8 Parts    0.125 Parts.tif (263 kb)

Jim Moseley's Mini-Hobbies Special

click the picture for the whole MiniHobbies.pdf file

The Great Denny Dart
Neil (Wombat) Dennis

Click on plan for full size copy

Instruction Sheet in .pdf format

Cloud Tramp



Zip File

Cloud Tramp Home Page

Plans for the Hanger Rat

Class A
Paddle Prop

Plan Page 1   Plan page 2
On 8-1/2 x 11


Class B

Plan Page 1  Plane Page 2
On 8-1/2 x 11
Article in pdf format

The Prairie Bird



White Monoplane


Comet P51
cometp51.zip (605kb)

Comet Stinson SR7
sr7.zip (941 kb)

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