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February, 2000

Brewster Buffalo, Gordon Light, Korda Record Holder, Curtiss SOC-1

March, 2000

Fokker DVIII, S.E. 5, T-D Coupe, Ying Fuselage, Comet SR-7

April, 2000

Aeroneer, Fleet Trainer, Army Grasshopper, Air Warden

May, 2000

Curtiss XF13C-1, Missing Link, Future Fighter, Curtiss O-52

June, 2000

Bristol Fighter, Cabinette, Culver Cadet, Beaumont Sticker

July, 2000

Boeing Fighter, Exp. Twin Tractor, Pee Wee Gas Model, Vought SBU-1

August, 2000

Curtiss Osprey, Potez 37R-2, Speed Job, Bellanca Aircruiser

September, 2000

Tail First Canard, Heinkel Pursuit, Koolhoven Pursuit, Pursuit Gas Model

October, 2000

Experimental Flier, Grumman F3F-1, Tube Tractor, Vought V-143

November, 2000

Contest Seaplane, Grumman XF4F-2, Precision Gas Job Part 1 & 2, Rearwin Sportster

December, 2000

Struck Interstate Cadet, Indoor Gee Bee, Baby Duration Trainer, 4 Foot Westerner

January, 2001

Lysander, Powerhouse Pt1 & Pt2, Simple Soarer, Kingfisher

February, 2001

Arrow Speed, Cavu, Fairey Battle, Monocoupe

March, 2001

Corrigan's Create, Gas Camera Model, Korda's C-34, Tsetse Fly Wake

April, 2001

American Mechanics Flyabout, Cloud Chaser R.O.G., High Performance Flyabout, Bucker Jungmeister

May, 2001

Akron Favorite, Kinner Envoy, Flapper, Vought V-143

June, 2001

Fine Flyer, Kolb Stick, Vultee Transport

July, 2001

Lanzo's Record Breaker, Ryan Low Wing, Tubby Wakefiels, Vultee V-11 Attack Bomber

August, 2001 Struhl Ercoupe, Streamline Wakefield, "Vee" for Victory, Struhl Vultee Valiant
September 2001 Herbert Weiss Minute Models: Messerschmitt, Brewster Fighter, Piper Cub, Maubousinn Tandem, Nieuport 161, Douglas Torpedo Bomber
October 2001 Consolidated P-30, Gordon Light Wakefield, Martin Dive Bomber, Air Trails Trainer
November 2001 The Sky Flea, The Gull Bird Wing, Curtiss Hawk, Light Weight Zephyr
December 2001 A.N.T. 25, Folkerts Special, Simmers Glider, 1936 Moffett Winner
January 2002 Ed Lamb's Climber, Henry Cole's Smoothie, Douglas O-43A, Waco Cabin Biplane
February 2002 Northrop A-17 Attack, North American O-47, Scotch Monoped, Thermal Chaser
March 2002 Sal Taibi's Hornet, Mr. Mulligan, 1936 Mulvihill Winner, Vought Navy Scout
April 2002 Douglas Attack - Bomber 8A-5, James Noonan's Class "D", douglas O-41A, Ray Smith Mulvihill Winner
May 2002 Fokker G-1, Mayfly II Wakefield, Al Casano"s "Oomph", SE-5
June 2002 Arrow Model F, Spee Dee, Spitfire 1, Stout Trophy Winner
July 2002 Lanzo's Duplex, The Insuror, Stinson Reliant, Vought SBU-1
August 2002 Williams Gulfhawk, Ehling Contest Gas Model, Mew Gull, Wind Master
September 2002 Miss Philadelphia VI, 1937 Mulvihill Winner, Consolidated PB-2A, The Paris defender
October 2002 Balfour Trophy Winner, Seversky Bendix Racer, Taylor Young Gas Model, Boeing XP-940
November 2002 Heinkel He-112 Pursuit, Ryan S-C, Midget-Powered Mite, The Bloomingdale Trophy Winner
December 2002 The Comet Racer, The Riser Rider, Stinson Reliant SR-6, Douglas TBD-1
January 2003 Garami's Cabineer, Daniel ROG Low-Wing, Focke-Wulf Stosser, The Valkyrie Parts 1 & 2
February 2003 The Berryloid Trophy Winner, The Dihedral Dandy, The Flyabout, The Privateer
March 2003 National Flying Scale Winner, Garami's Duck, Little Junior, Record Hound
April 2003 Microfilm Covered R.O.G., Mosca Fighter, Snooky, Secrets of Speed
May 2003 The Air Hopper, The British Champion, 1940 Moffet Winner, The Pacemaker
June 2003 The Rocketeer, Wing of Meteor, The Sharpshooter, Wind Tunnel Pt.1
July 2003 1939 Stout Trophy Winner, Wings of Mercury, The Quickie,
Home Made Wind Tunnel Part 2
August 2003 Some Thing New in Hand Launch Gliders, Molecule, Vought Export Fighter, Voyager
September 2003 Sopwith Camel, Slick Stick, Snuffy 6th, Sportster
October 2003 Brewster Bermuda, Lanzo's Record Holder, The Latest in Float Design, Shulman's Zomby
November 2003 Monocoupe AF, Jersey Albatross, Apache Part 1, Pitch Hitter
December 2003 Apache Pt2, Curtiss O-52, Why Not Pushers, Strato Streak
January 2004 Casano's Glamour Girl Wake, The Rocketeer, Tether Tractor,
The Vetran
February 2004 1939 Moffett Trophy Winner, Brooklyn dodger, Tail First Tips,
Vultee Vengeance
March 2004 Aeronca Tandem, Class C Sr. Fuselage, Korda's Dethermalizer, The Guff
April 2004 The Cadet R.O.G., Joe Ott's Kingfisher, The Flying Pie plate, The Tomahawk
May 2004 A Low "Aspect" Indoor Tractor, High Effiniency Soarer, Stall-Proof Stick Tractor, Tyro I Outdoor Glider
June 2004 The "Indoor Cabin" Nationals Winner, Building A Baby Biplane, How to Improve Your Glider Flights, A High Performance RECORD BREAKER
July 2004 Kiwi, Cadet, Commando, Tiger, Whatsit
September 2004 The Baby Drake, P40F Control Line, Skyfarer, Skyranger
October 2004 Chihuahua, Draftee, Class B Fuselage, Puss Moth
March 2005 Arup Flying Wing, Fairchild "24", Indoor Tractor, A Rubber-Powered Pursuit
April 2005 Air Youth Glider No. 1, Indoor Canard, Class A or B Porkey, Flying Wings
May 2005 Air Youth Glider No.2, Designed For Pine, Indoor Autogiro, Idea Tester
February 2006 Air Youth Glider No.3, Indoor Zehpyr, Southern Belle, Tethered Trainer
March 2006 Douglas BD-7, Half Pint, Seversky 3L, Twin Wing
January 2008 Fairchild 24, The Fly Snatcher, Curtiss P-40, A 40 Minute
Record Breaker
February 2008 Struhl Ercoupe, Grant Lesson 9 HLG, Stackdolager, Soaring Champ
March 2008 Cloud Coaster, Leashed Demon, Streamliner, Vagabond
April 2008 Flyaway, Hardwood Flier, Dual Purpose HLG, War Baby
May 2008 Indoor Autogiro,  Could Be,  Heave-Ho,  Foote's Westerner
June 2008 Sopwith Camel, Fokker E-III, The Manta, Indoor Heath Midwing

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